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Squink: A Digital Comics Portal for Penguin Random House

PROJECT:        Squink: A Digtal Comics Portal
CLIENT:            Penguin Random House
Business Designer, Product Developer, Art Director

I was selected for the Penguin Random House’s “Ink Tank,” a corporate initiative that provides training and support to develop in-house businesses. Participants received three months of education on how to build and pitch start-up ideas. This culminated in a pitch-deck presentation to the North American Board of PRH. I was approved for funding to create:

Squink: A subscription-based, digital platform for middle-grade readers that delivers a changing roster of short, interactive comics and graphic novels.

I researched, designed, and prototyped using the 10-slide pitch deck framework. This included:

          • Business model development 
          • Market research & proposition value
          • Visual design and comic creation
          • Product testing with a digital survery of over 400 readers and in-person audiences at local bookstores 
          • Artist and educator endorsements 
          • Budget creation, go-to-market plans & timeline

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