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Hello! My name is Lara (she/her) and I'm an artist and art director who loves black humor, black coffee, and colorful characters. My debut graphic novel, Ronan and the Endless Sea of Stars is now available from Abrams ComicArts. My work appears in places like The Washington Post and I’ve been featured in The Wall Street Journal, WNYC-NPR, Kirkus, and more. If you dine in NYC you might see one of my infamous Choking Victim posters. I am also a creative producer on the Witch Wave Podcast, hosted by Pam Grossman. Hailing from Wisconsin, I currently live in Brooklyn with my almost-toothless chihuahua, Chuck.

Select Clients
The Washington Post
Abrams ComicArts
Dotdash - Meredith
Penguin Random House
The Witch Wave Podcast
Warner Brothers
The Skimm

Women Who Draw

The Washington Post
Publisher’s Weekly
Kirkus Reviews
Graphic Medicine
Wall Street Journal
WNYC New York Public Radio
Bloomberg Businessweek

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