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Books + Mini Comics
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Mini Masterpieces

Miniscule drawings of monumental art

Washington Post Mini:
Coming out in the Year
of Staying In

Quarantine & queerness

Washington Post Mini:
Resolving Resolutions

New Year resolutions
for good, not evil!

Ronan and the Endless Sea of Stars

Signed by author & artist

Washington Post Mini:
TBT Thrall

How to actualize,
not drown, in nostalgia

Washington Post Mini:
Dark Tourism

A story about finding your
weirdos out in the world

Magical Spring Cleaning 

A zine for spiritually
cleansing your space


Washington Post Mini:
Naked & Exposed

Advertising is
awfully invasive...

All 6x Washington Post Minis

Buy the whole set get one free!

7 or 8

 Synchronicity & an interview
gone horribly wrong

Washington Post Mini:
Depth Year

A moratorium on spending
helped me dive into my books

A Comic Guide to Brewing


Choking Posters
PLEASE NOTE  choking posters may require an additional week of lead time. 
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Choking Poster - Classic

Multiple sizes

Choking Poster - Coffee

Multiple sizes

Fun Stuff
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Holographic Horror Stickers

4x individual or full set for $10

PriDEMONth Original Art Membership Card

Paint & colored pencil original art

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