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Layers of Mental Health - multiple visual concepts



1. Many layers of the psyche
In this illustration, the silhouette of a woman is carved out of many receding walls until we reach a starry background. She is in the middle surveying. Each layer depicts a different aspect of mental health, represented as a wallpaper. One is social connection, one is the outside of a building (might sub this out for an apartment interior), one is an abstraction of emotion (scribbles, colors, etc), one is a collection of symbols (tears, eyes,) etc. In final, each layer would have a very distinct color palette and the "wallpapers" would be more evident.

2. You are your mental health landscape
This character is incorporated, larger than life, in the milieus of her life. Environments, windows, weather, people interacting, etc. will be mixed into the landscape of this woman's world.

3. A picture of mental health
So, thinking about this as either a swipeable instagram post or animated gif (where the images morph into one another), this would be a woman who's interior worlds are represented on her "picture of mental health." I am open to what these could look like; either with more narrative/story/scene imagery, OR more painterly/abstract/shapes and iconographic. Or somewhere in between.

A. Interior feelings -- a mix of color, teardrops, heart, scribbles, shapes, etc.

B. Interior environment -- inside a woman's home

C. Interior Voices -- representation of social interaction.

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